1. Front washing head
    • Greatly enhances visibility during work
    • Ensures full coverage of the areas in which it works, compared to the versions with head, single or double brush, "belly band".
    • Perfectly cleans corners and edges, flush and in tight spaces, avoiding costly manual pick-ups.
  2. Wiper in front of the wheels (patent pending) Drying in front of the wheels allows, especially in maintenance washing, to constantly drive on a dry surface, preventing slippage or accidental blows on cornering or braking.
    This innovation greatly increases comfort and the safety standards.
  3. Cogbrush (patent pending)
    • The use of a double brush ensures a uniform and excellent cleaning on various kinds of surfaces and greatly increases the quality of washing compared to a single brush.
    • Cogbrushes allow the use of a single gear motor, simplifying the transmission and reducing the cost.
    • Moreover, there is an increase in energy efficiency, benefitting the autonomy of the scrubber-dryer.
  4. Heavy washing head (41 kg) RIDO-HILO8065 are used for deep cleaning with layered dirt, and maintenance. The HILO8065 version is provided with an electric adjustment device of the load from maximum value (41 kg) up to zero. This reduces consumption in case of moderate dirt on rough surfaces.
  5. Reduced maintenance All routine maintenance operations such as cleaning and replacement of the wiper rubbers, cleaning of the clean water filter, replacement of the brushes are quick and simple.
    Thanks to the wide opening on the upper part, cleaning the recovery tank takes place without effort and loss of time. The standard diagnostic and operating hour counter also facilitate the scheduled and extraordinary maintenance.
  6. Electromechanics Technical solutions with a calibrated use of electronics (for drive only) have been adopted to provide a high level of reliability, giving preference to the traditional electromechanics for the functions: brushes, extraction and head lifting. Standard resettable fuses on Hilo8065, fixed on Rido8065.
  7. Motor/drive unit When thoroughly cleaning the drive on the rear wheels, ensures a high stability, especially on wet floors.
  8. Safety pedal brake The electric brake, always open with operator on board, only engages when you activate the safety pedal. This allows for minor wear of the electric brake itself and a significant energy recovery during deceleration, benefitting the autonomy of the scrubberdryer.
  9. Reduction of speed on cornering An automatic device reduces speed on cornering, both forward and in reverse, increasing the safety of the operator in all environments and on all surfaces.
  10. Power steering 3 wheel turns represent an absolute advantage in driving comfort and in manoeuvrability.
  11. Reduction of solution on cornering An automatic devices reduces the consumption of the solution, where not necessary, avoiding leaks in recovery. This leads to greater autonomy in cleaning.
  12. Selection of the operating speed The operator can adjust the work speed, adapting it to the type of dirty and environment to be cleaned.


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