Accessories supplied


Solution flow regulation proportional solenoid valve directly on washing head
Self-levelling splash guard
Water filter with integrated valve
Automatic Detergent Dosing Kit Set-up (KIDO)
Wiper lip in Serilor ® (antioil polyurethane highly resistant and longlife)
Self-regulation of the solution flow rate on cornering
Manual lift of independent wiper for underlying work
Dirty water drain hose with flow adjustment (flow control)
Solution level indicator
Water loading hose
Pressure end adjustment on brushes and LED display for the control from the control panel (only HILO8065)


Stainless steel air filter to protect the suction turbine
Silenced three-stage suction turbine

Checks and adjustments

Hour meter
LED blinker
Electric foot brake
Wiper and washing head electric lifting
Operator fuses: fixed on Rido8065 resettable on Hilo8065

Comfort driving

“Power steering” (3 wheel turns)
Work speed adjustment from panel
Self-regulation of the speed on cornering
Comfort seat with backrest
Ergonomic steering wheel
Non-slip accelerator pedal
High quality and resistance bumpers


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