disy 5 macchina per disinfettare klinmak

Disy 10

10 lt disinfecting machine

The DiSy range, in the practical Trolley versions, is the ideal solution for dispensing a low wet effect solution water-based (micro-drops in diameter less than 30 microns) on every surface (floors, walls, doors, wardrobes, bathrooms, kitchens, tables, metal surfaces, etc.), added with a specific disinfectant (e.g. bactericidal, fungicidal or virucidal) in a variable percentage depending on the objective: decontamination – disinfection and sanitation only.

The fine and spherical nebulization allows the operator to reach distances of up to 1.5 m, easily and completely covering the surfaces to be treated.

Ideal for:

Solid and efficient

Two models of 5 and 10 litres allow you to operate continuously from 30 to 60 minutes covering a total area of 1,250 to 2,500 square meters; the power supply takes place with a lithium battery capable of ensuring operation from 2 to 4 hours and being able to recharge quickly.

disy 5 macchina per disinfettare klinmak
disy 5 macchina per disinfettare klinmak

Easy to use and operate

The portability and handling are guaranteed by the 4 wheels, 15 meters of tubing is on board together with the misting system consisting of a lance, a multi-outlet nozzle holder and nozzles.

A simple dashboard for a better user experience

The display is equipped with a button for activating the misting pump and a charge indicator for the battery charge status; the charger is external.

disy macchina per disinfettare klinmak

Sustainability and efficiency.
We set new standards in the cleaning world.

All Klinmak® products are designed to provide the best cleaning efficiency with reduced energy consumption.

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DescrizioneDisy 5
Tank capacity5 l
Max. productivity per hour750 mq
Treated surface per tank1250 mq
Runtime per tankup to 30 min
Nozzle flow200 ml/min
Atomization micronmax 30 micron
Atomization distance0-1500 mm
Total lenght of atomization hose15 m
Voltage24 V
BatteryLithium 24V -5,6Ah
Charger2 A
Flow runtime2 h
Battery charging time2 h
Sound Level50 dbA
Packaging Dimension400x500x300 mm
Weight with/without Packaging12/15 kg