Trion X 2040

Walk-behind 20 lt scrubber dryer

TRION X 2040 is now available from the TRION series, the ultra-compact scrubber dryer with battery operating dedicated to critical environments and sensitive to hygiene standards. “Ultra-compact” for easier handling in confined areas (eg corridors, airlocks) or very crowded (production lines) and wherever space is scarce.

Four are the factors that make TRION X 2040 suitable for operating in critical areas and adjacent to clean rooms (pharma, food, microelectronics etc.):

  • Stainless steel frame and squeegee support
  • Tank and plastics made of antibacterial rotomolded material
  • HEPA H13 filter for contaminated airflow from the squeegee
  • Detergent – disinfectant dosage kit (KiDo) with 4-value setting (0.2% / 0.5% / 1% / 1.5%)

Ideal for:

HEPA H13 filter for contaminated airflow from the squeegee

The polluted air from the squeegee is conveyed through a Hepa H13 filter before being released into the environment. A small door allows access for cleaning or replacing the filter.

trion x 4050 lavasciuga klinmak
trion x 2040 lavasciuga klinmak

Detergent – disinfectant dosage kit (KiDo) with 4-value setting

With two simple commands, you can control all the functions of the floor cleaner. A button adjusts the quantity of washing solution (from 0 to 2 l / min) displaying its value, avoiding the typical waste of manual taps. A second button simultaneously activates the washing and suction functions. A display detects the battery status, the cumulative working time (hour meter). With the left button, you can select two modes of use (Eco-Max), observe the power absorbed in operation and the residual operating time before a subsequent recharge. The dashboard is prepared for the detergent dosing system.

Stainless steel frame and squeegee support

All the metal parts in contact with water (frame, squeegee, brackets, brush plate, etc.) are made strictly of Aisi 304 stainless steel. That guarantees less sensitivity in the presence of highly corrosive substances (salts, etc.) and the general longevity of the machine.

trion x 4050 lavasciuga klinmak
trion x 4050 lavasciuga klinmak

Tank and plastics made of antibacterial rotomolded material

It avoids the proliferation of bacterial load inside the scrubber drier tanks, bacteria which are brought back into the environment during the suction phase.
Tanks and lids are made of plastic material with additives able to strongly reduce the bacterial load, avoiding reintroduction into the environment during suction.

Sustainability and efficiency.
We set new standards in the cleaning world.

All Klinmak® products are designed to provide the best cleaning efficiency with reduced energy consumption.

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DescriptionNoteTrion X 4050Trion X 4050 Plus
Power Installed1 Motor500 W500 W
Power ConsumptionEco-Mode / Max290 / 390 W290 / 390 W
Tanks capacityFresh/Dirty40 / 45 L40 / 45 L
Area2CleanSuggested1000 - 2000 sqm1000 - 2000 sqm
ProductivityTheo/Expected2.030 / 1.500 m²/h2.030 / 1.500 m²/h
Sqm Clean Area / charge cycleEco-Mode / Max Power3.000 / 2.250 sqm6.000 / 4.500 sqm
NOISE LEVELEco-Mode / Max Power64,6 - 66 dB(A)64,6 - 66 dB(A)
ENERGETIC CONSUMPTIONEco-Mode / Max0,14-0,19 W/m²0,14-0,19 W/m²
Lenght900 mm900 mm
Width with squeegee590 mm590 mm
Height1.100 mm1.100 mm
Protection rateIPX3IPX3
WARRANTY36 months or 1000h36 months or 1000h
Working width508 mm / 2x10”508 mm / 2x10”
Brushes340/300 rpm340/300 rpm
Load on brushhead30 Kg30 Kg
Water Flow0-2 l/min0-2 l/min
Vacuum system width590 mm590 mm
Vacuum600/900 mmH2O600/900 mmH2O
Packaging size960x630x1.060 mm960x630x1.060 mm
Total weight unit / with packaging69 / 83 kg72 / 86 kg
Battery capacityLi-Ion con BMS54,6V/11,60 Ah54,6V/20,30 Ah
Battery Runtime1,5 h3h
ChargerUL certified54.6V - 5/8A54.6V - 5/8A
Charging time2h (5A setting)2.5h (8A setting)
Charging cycles10001000
  • 2 x Toothed brushes Ø 8″ – PPL blue (0,7mmØ bristles) – medium hardness
  • Li-ion battery 11,6Ah (Trion 2040) or 20,6Ah (Trion 2040 PLUS)
  • Battery charger 5-8A (all battery versions)
  • Innovative 48V single-motor POWER UNIT – great performance advantages
  • Lowest energy consumption rate in its category (only 0,14W/m2 !)
  • Powerful and quiet 3-stage turbine
  • 2 Power Modes (Eco Mode and Max-Power Mode)
  • Transport and parking position on 4 rubber wheels
  • Big rear non-marking rubber wheels / self-levelling splash guard
  • Water filter with integrated tap and solution-tank water level indicator
  • Water flow adjustment on the dashboard with a simple push button
  • Water level sensor on recovery-tank
  • ON/OFF switch for simultaneous operation of brushes and vacuum turbine
  • Comfortable steering unit / hour-counter / diagnostics
  • Innovative display of power draw (watt) and “remaining time to recharge”(h:m)
  • All Klinmak models designed for very easy & fast maintenance and service GREAT BENEFITS OF LI-ION BATTERIES: lightweight, small dimensions, longer runtime, shorter charging time, more cycles (1000), no memory effect.