trion 5070 lavasciuga klinmak

Trion 5070

Walk-behind 50 lt scrubber dryer

This new Scrubber Dryer uses our patented and innovative Klinmak “Power-One” single motor drive system to provide superior cleaning, long run times and industry-leading noise reduction in one compact unit.

The scrubber dryer TRION 5070 is an upright, compact scrubber driven by a single motor to provide scrubbing and suction power. This groundbreaking and patented design provide huge benefits in lower energy consumption and noise levels (64,6 dbA in Eco-Mode) while maintaining a superior cleaning result.

The scrubber dryer  TRION 5070 with its upright ergonomic design and low environmental impact is perfect for all general scrubbing needs especially tight areas and areas where noise reduction and day cleaning are paramount.

Ideal for:

Double brush with a single drive motor system

The patented system by two toothed brushes allows for the installation of just a single scrubbing motor with a significant cost reduction. This system grants a strong reduction of electrical consumption, increase the runtime and the average life of the machine. Just one motor, 48V, for increasing the energy efficiency and reducing strongly the noise of the machine. No e-motor for the turbine is foreseen! High increase in the runtime and big reduction of the maintenance cost. Less fatigue with 2 brushes for the operator, being the unit almost self-propelling.

trion 5070 lavasciuga klinmak

better user experience with easy to use dashboard

Two simple buttons: one for the adjustment of the solution flow from 0 – 2 l/min, visible on display. No waste of water and detergent normally present with manual taps. The second button for wash&dry with the possibility to select Eco & Max power. A unique feature is a working power on the display and the working runtime before charging. Battery check and count hours are standard. Cardboard is foreseen for Detergent Dosing System called KiDo (optional).

Li-Ion Battery Pack with BMS: operation up to 12h/day

Many benefits by the use of Li-Ion battery (Li-NCA): lightweight, small dimensions, high runtime, no memory effect, low rate of runout, higher cycles (1.000) in comparison to AGM-GEL batteries and short charging time depending by the charger type. Standard the 5A charger, UL certified. Advances BMS (battery management system), made in Italy, is able to manage the operation of the battery, to send all the parameters to the main cardboard of the machine and to memorized many info. A specific button switch on the battery on the main battery box. The use of the Li-Ion battery gives the opportunity to use the scrubber dryer up to 12 h / day, absolutely unthinkable with the traditional batteries.

trion 5070 lavasciuga klinmak
trion 5070 lavasciuga klinmak

Other features

  • Heavy-duty brush head (30 kg)
  • Three-stage turbine with the squeegee just behind the brushes
  • Tank in Tank System
  • Big wheels and 2 parking – transport wheels
  • Toothed brushes: high efficiency
  • Low noise
  • High productivity
  • Insignificant maintenance cost

Sustainability and efficiency.
We set new standards in the cleaning world.

All Klinmak® products are designed to provide the best cleaning efficiency with reduced energy consumption.

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DescriptionRemarkTrion 5070Trion 5070 Plus
Power Installed1 Motor500 W500 W
Power ConsumptionEco-Mode / Max290 / 390 W290 / 390 W
Tanks capacityFresh/Dirty47 / 50 L47 / 50 L
Area2CleanSuggested1000 - 2000 sqm1000 - 2000 sqm
ProductivityTheo/Expected2.800 / 2.100 m²/h2.800 / 2.100 m²/h
Sqm Clean Area / charge cycleEco-Mode / Max Power4.200 / 3.150 sqm8.400 / 6.300 sqm
NOISE LEVELEco-Mode / Max Pot.64,6 - 66 dB(A)64,6 - 66 dB(A)
ENERGETIC CONSUMPTIONEco-Mode / Max0,14-0,19 W/sqm0,14-0,19 W/sqm
Lenght900 mm900 mm
Width with squeegee750 mm750 mm
Height1.100 mm1.100 mm
Protection rateIPX3IPX3
WARRANTY36 months or 1000h36 months or 1000h
Scrubbing System Working width700 mm / 4x7”700 mm / 4x7”
Brushesempty/load340/300 rpm340/300 rpm
Load on brushhead30 Kg30 Kg
Water Flowadjustable0-2 l/min0-2 l/min
Vacuum system width590 mm590 mm
VacuumEco-Mode / Max600/900 mmH2O600/900 mmH2O
Packaging sizeWxLxH960x630x1.060 mm960x630x1.060 mm
Total weight unit / with packaging66 / 80 kg69 / 83 kg
Battery CapacityLi-Ion con BMS54,6V / 11,60Ah54,6V / 20,30Ah
Battery Runtime1,5 h3 h
ChargerUL certified54.6V - 5/8A54.6V - 5/8A
Charging time2h (5A setting)2.5h (8A setting)
Charging cycles10001000
Scrubbing System
  • Water flow adjustment on dash board with a simple push botton
  • Water filter with integrated tap
  • Self levelling splashguard
  • Solution tank water level control
  • Water tank discharge on dash board
  • Recovery tank sensor max level
Vacuum System
  • Three-stage suction turbine without e-motor
Checks and Adjustments
  • Two working power selection (Eco-Mode/Max)
  • Contours
  • Battery charger level
  • Diagnostic
  • Continuos power consumption on display in Watt
  • Continuos remaining working time in minutes
Driving Comfort
  • Ergonomic dash board with just one bottom for activating the Power Unit (one motor for scrubbing and suction)
  • Parking position and transport mode on 4 wheels